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Keeping a journal is a personal experience that varies between individuals. While some may use journaling as a way to remember everything that happens on a day-to-day basis, others may decide to use a journal like a workbook, or a future handbook or guide. Here are some different kinds of journals that many writers find fulfilling.

  • Travel Journal. Are you planning a trip sometime soon? With a travel journal you'll have a permanent record of what you saw, who you met, and what emotions you were feeling during each step of the journey.
  • School Journal.A school journal can work like an ongoing, in-depth "to-do" list. Use it to keep track of assignments, or to write about theories and parts of the syllabus that confuse you.
  • Project Journal.When tackling any type of project, be it learning a new recipe or writing a song, keeping constant notes is the best way to succeed.
  • Diet Journal. Keep track of eating habits and physical symptoms when struggling with a chronic illness such as diabetes.
  • Therapy Journal. Therapeutic journaling can be done in private or in tandem with special meetings.
  • Dream Journal. Interested in dreams and their meanings? Write them down!
  • Gratitude Journal. It's easy to feel bombarded by negativity. Keep a gratitude journal to stay positive.
  • Family Journal. This type of journal can be created by all members of the family, and handed down to the next generation.

Best Journal Examples

Need some inspiration? Check out these great examples of journals!

  • Daisy the Curly Cat. This pretty kitty has a lot to share!
  • Overcome Binge Eating. This journal is dedicated to one binge-eater's fight against an eating disorder.
  • NaNoWriMo Journal 2012. This writer joined National Novel Writing Month and kept track of her progress.
  • Leftover Soup. This journal writer is keeping track of recipes she creates in the spur of the moment.
  • Offbeat Bride. Stories from a bride that didn't want a typical wedding.
  • Eat the Damn Cake. In this journal, Kate shares her thoughts about how society perceives women who are not stereotypically attractive.
  • Grouchy Rabbit. This community journal is a unique collection of thought-provoking sentences and snippets of wisdom.
  • My Food Log. Take a peek at the food journal of an aspiring low-carb, fast-food junkie.
  • Not Always Right. Great stories that prove the customer really isn't always right.
  • Cozumel o Muerte. This couple keeps track of their epic journey from Alberta to Quintana Roo, with 2 cats, Kitty and Bill.

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Journal Basics

Ideas for Journals

  • Prayer Journal

    Deepen your relationship with God by writing down your prayers every day. Learn by reflecting on prayers that have been answered, and others that haven’t.

  • Dream Journal

    Dream journals are instrumental in fields as diverse as psychology, natural science, creative arts and advanced mathematics. What is your subconscious trying to tell you?

  • Travel Journal

    Create a collection of adventures, stories, memories, and discovery while you travel. You’ll remember more about your trips and appreciate everything you experienced.

  • Gratitude Journal

    We'll explain what a gratitude journal is, how to figure out what you're grateful for (and why), and some guidelines for keeping one through Penzu.

  • Bible Journal

    Bible journals can provide you with a therapeutic way to better cope with everyday situations, understand your feelings and establish a connection between your life and the biblical content.